Strong Presence of Digital Future at Riyadh Expo 2023

Oct 16, 2023

Strong Presence of Digital Future at Riyadh Expo 2023

As a distribution and publishing company, Digital Future had a strong presence at Riyadh Expo 2023, displaying the latest in content distribution and publishing.

Zhang Jianchun, Deputy Head of the Publicity Department of CPC, visited us to explore our top-quality Chinese-origin books, translated into Arabic. During our meeting, we discussed ways to promote Chinese culture in the Arab world.

The following authors, whom we distribute for, had their books available at the exhibition and captured the attention of Arab readers:


  • 21 Century Publishing House
  • Beijing Mediatime United Publishing Co.
  • Beijing Publishing Group
  • Anhui Children's Publishing House
  • Anhui Literature
  • Changjiang Children’s Press
  • Chunfeng Literature
  • China Intercontinental Press
  • Encyclopedia of China Publishing House
  • Foreign Languages Press
  • Higher Education Press
  • Jiangshan
  • Jiangsu Phoenix Literature
  • Liaoning Press
  • Ningxia People's Publishing House
  • Petrel Publishing House
  • People's Literature Publishing House Co.
  • Renmin University Press
  • SDX Joint Publishing
  • Shandong Education Press
  • Shandong Litrature
  • Sichuan People