Pioneers in cultural and educational publishing.

Crafting the future with precision and dedication.

A pioneering company in the field of publishing and producing digital educational content. Established in 1988, it has achieved significant development, becoming one of the largest producers of software, tools, and educational books in the Arab world. The company operates in all levels and aspects of learning, whether digital or traditional and for all educational stages.

Leaders in Arabic Publishing.

  • Our Vision

    Leading in supporting Arabic education, cultural publishing, and knowledge dissemination to elevate generations worldwide.

  • Our Mission

    We strive to produce and distribute educational, informative, and pedagogical products and tools, both traditional and digital, making them accessible to everyone.

  • Our Objectives

    Producing and digitally developing scientific and knowledge-based products.
    Providing innovative educational resources, including books, tools, software, and advanced applications, aimed at enhancing capabilities and skills, using the latest visual and auditory technologies.

Our Domains

Educational Tools

We contribute to providing the best audio, visual, and kinetic educational tools that enhance various aspects of your child's cognition, achieve understanding, and teach the child how to utilize them in any field they may pursue in the future.

Digital Education

At Digital Future, we have created educational kits for various age groups. These kits feature a speaking educational pen that reads words and images, and teaches sounds. They also include educational books and exercise notebooks, along with a teacher's guide and a user manual. Many of them also come with CDs and DVDs to provide information through all possible digital means, creating a unique and unparalleled educational experience.

Translation and Publishing

Our scope of work in translation and publishing is diverse, encompassing Turkish, Chinese, English novels, and more. We translate a wide range of encyclopedias directed towards both children and adults. Additionally, we translate and publish language dictionaries. We also strive to deliver the best internationally acclaimed novels and stories in Arabic to our readers in the Arab world. Furthermore, we translate successful releases from major global publishing houses into Arabic.


Digital Future offers a wide range of applications, including:

Damma Educational App: Designed for children and teachers. For more information, visit

DF Reader App: Includes audio files for various products such as children's stories and language learning books.

Stories App: A specialized app for children's stories, coming soon."

Islamic Education

Our Islamic publications vary to cater to different needs and cover various fields. Starting with the ultimate reference for Islamic heritage, it includes a complete library of Islamic sciences with more than 13,000 volumes and books available through a dedicated mobile app and digital DVD. We also offer Tajweed and Tafsir Quran with a talking pen, as well as Islamic stories for children, such as books about the Prophets, the Prophet's biography, the Beautiful Names of Allah, and teachings on ablution and prayer...

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